The rights and obligations involved in being a member of GreenNess are listed in the following articles.

By registering you agree on the following articles:

Article 1: In short

GreenNess is a free participation program. Participants have no obligation to the program, except for the obligations set out in these general terms and conditions.
Advertisers recognize payments to GreenNess for visits, registrations and / or purchases made by members of GreenNess.
GreenNess is committed to investing some of the revenue it receives from advertisers in the purchase of carbon credits.
For example, GreenNess commits to offset 1 kg of CO2 for each Euro received. Offsetting takes place through the purchase of VER credits.
A VER credit corresponds to 1 ton of CO2.
Offsetting of one tonne of carbon dioxide occurs by purchasing a VER credit and withdrawing it from the market or making it no longer salable and / or transferable to another person.
GreenNess offsets based on the earnings actually recognized by its advertisers.
The counting is carried out at the end of each month and the corresponding offsetting by the middle of the following month.

Article 2: When can I participate?

Anyone can participate in GreenNess.

Article 3: Legislation

The personal data of the members of GreenNess are treated in accordance with the Italian legislation as indicated in the Privacy Policy.

Article 4: Registration / Becoming a member

The data entered at the time of registration must be truthful and only one registration per person is allowed.
If the data changes, they must be changed as soon as possible (for example, a new e-mail address or a change of home address).
All data that is requested must be entered. Site visitors are required to register only if they are really interested. Members must ensure that their e-mail address is always accessible.
If, for 10 times, GreenNess receives a message that the e-mail address is not reachable (bounce), e-mails will no longer be sent and a new e-mail address must be entered in order to be able to log in again.

Article 5: Receive e-mails from GreenNess and our advertisers

By registering you consent to receive e-mails from GreenNess.
The e-mails are addressed to all members of GreenNess and are aimed at making known the news of the GreenNess platform. It is not possible / allowed to provide the same e-mail address twice.
Each user can unsubscribe from the mailing list using the link provided in each e-mail.
From the moment the registration is canceled, the user will no longer receive any e-mails.
The user can subscribe to the mailing list again by entering his e-mail address in the mailing list through the platform.

Article 6: Registration / request

Members must register or make a request to our advertisers only if they are really interested.
If it is found that a member has made a false / incorrect registration / order, his account will be closed.
GreenNess works in close collaboration with its advertisers in order to offer a high quality service.
GreenNess is authorized to request confirmation of the order and / or payment by its members to verify the accredited earning.

Article 7: Closure of a program

An advertiser may also decide that he does not want to participate more in the GreenNess platform.
This choice of the advertiser would be unquestionable and GreenNess in no way could be held responsible.

Article 8: Collection of personal data.

In order to guarantee its members a better service, GreenNess collects data concerning orders with advertisers and the data that members enter on the website that are 100% owned by GreenNess.
This data is used exclusively by GreenNess to improve the provision of the service and to check the "incorrect" requests made to our advertisers. This data is not accessible to third parties and will not be sold to third parties.
The website uses cookies.
Cookies are small text files that are placed, through an internet page, on a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone.
These cookies are used to ensure a better functioning of the GreenNess website, for example to give the possibility to its members to automatically access the website.
This is possible because GreenNess can, through a cookie, remember the access credentials of its members.
For more information on the use of cookies you can read our information about it.

Article 9: Termination

Each member can unsubscribe from participating in GreenNess at any time by accessing their personal platform area. In case of cancellation of registration, all data will be returned from the register of GreenNess (under the law on privacy we are obliged to remove all personal data).
Once removed, the account can not be reactivated. If a member has registered with other e-mails on GreenNess, he or she must cancel the registration separately for each e-mail.
There is no connection between GreenNess and other registries.
In the event of falsehood, the provision of false or incomplete information and in the event that the member acts in violation of these terms and conditions, of misuse of the right acquired as a participant in GreenNess or if he acts in such a way as to cause a damage to GreenNess, GreenNess is authorized, without prejudice to any other rights, to terminate the registration with immediate effect and to cancel the account and the earnings credited to it.

Article 10: General

If a member has not been active for six months on GreenNess (no access, no e-mail reading, and no indication that he would be absent for a long time), it is possible that his membership is automatically terminated without prior notice.
The account can be reactivated by sending an e-mail to customer support. GreenNess is authorized at any time to modify these general terms and conditions and members will be informed as soon as possible.
The current version of the general terms and conditions is published on the GreenNess website.
After the modification of the general terms and conditions, the old general terms and conditions will cease to be productive of effect.
Any dispute must be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Italy.
The Italian law applies to this program and to these general terms and conditions.
GreenNess can change its program at any time, for example by changing the CO2 offsetting rules.
If a member disagrees with any of the changes to the general terms and conditions he / she may cancel his / her registration.
By continuing to be a member automatically you accept any changes to the general terms and conditions.
GreenNess reserves the right to suspend the website.

Article 11: Responsibility

While having taken the utmost care in creating the Website, the information, texts, documents, graphic elements and any other service contained therein may contain errors or be otherwise incorrect or incomplete.
To the extent permitted by current legislation, GreenNess assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by viruses or other material harmful to the technology that may infect the computer, computer programs or other proprietary materials of the user following use by the user of the Website or download of any content present on the same or on any website connected to it or still caused by possible errors or incompleteness of the Website.
Despite the use of security technologies and for cryptography, the security of data and payments transmitted via the Internet or by e-mail can not be guaranteed.
Our Company is in no way responsible for any damage suffered as a result of the use of electronic communication devices.

Article 12: Intellectual Property Rights

GreenNess holds all intellectual property rights on the Website and on any material published therein. These works are protected by copyright laws all over the world. All rights reserved.
The user can print a copy and can download extracts from the Website pages only to the extent necessary to send an order to our Company or to use the Website as a resource for purchases.
The user can not change the paper or digital version of copies of any material printed or downloaded in any way and the user can not use any illustration, photograph or any graphic element separately from the text that accompanies it.
The status of GreenNess as the owner of the content of the Website must always be acknowledged.
You must not use any component of the Website content for commercial purposes without having previously obtained a license from GreenNess.
If the user prints components of the Website in violation of these General Conditions, his right to use the Website immediately expires and the user, at the choice of our Company, must return or destroy any copy of the materials that has been made.

Article 13: Availability of the website

GreenNess does not guarantee that the Website or any content thereof is always available or is available without interruption.
Access to the Website is permitted on a temporary basis.
GreenNess may suspend, withdraw, discontinue or vary the entirety or each component of the Website without notice
GreenNess is not liable to you for the unavailability of the Website at any time or for any period.

Article 14: User account and password

If the user decides to register on the Website he must treat the username and password of his account as confidential data and must not communicate it to third parties.
GreenNess has the right to disable any identification code of a user or password, chosen by the user or assigned to him by our Company, at any time, if he reasonably believes that the user has not complied with the provisions of these terms of use. If the user knows or suspects that a third party knows his identification code or password, that user must promptly notify the GreenNess Customer Service .

Article 15: Related sites

The Website contains links to external Internet sites. GreenNess is not responsible for the use or content of Internet sites that contain a link to this site or that are accessible from this site via links.

Article 16: Other important conditions

GreenNess may assign its rights and contractual obligations to another entity, but such transfer will not affect the rights of the user and the obligations of GreenNess under these terms and conditions.
You may assign your rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to another subject only with the prior written consent of our Company.
Each of the points of these general conditions operates in a distinct manner. If a court or other competent authority considers that one of the above points is unlawful or not applicable, the remaining points will remain in force and will explicate their effects.
In the event that our Company does not require a specific fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the user in accordance with these general conditions or does not assert its rights towards the user, or does not do so promptly, this should not be interpreted as a waiver by our Company of its rights towards the user or even as an indication that the user is not required to fulfill these obligations.
If our Company waives the right to invoke a breach of the user, this will be possible only in writing and this waiver shall not be interpreted as a waiver to invoke any further breach of the user.

Article 17: Conclusions

In case of fraud and / or violation of the aforementioned rules, if necessary, the data will be communicated to the authorities concerned.
Access to GreenNess will also be blocked and the member will no longer be able to participate again in the future. As a member, each participant may file a claim against any mistake made by GreenNess.
However, both parties will benefit if, as a member, you will report any claim to GreenNess. In this way, at a later stage, GreenNess will be able to solve the problem in any way that is reasonably possible.
Despite the utmost care taken by GreenNess in the program, it may be possible for a member not to be satisfied.
Each member can let us know his complaints via e-mail. Members can not post messages on forums or other sites that do not allow posting commercial messages / mum messages (multilevel marketing).
Inserting unsolicited messages or sending messages without the required authorization will be considered as SPAM. GreenNess non will accept no responsibility for unauthorized use of and / or participation in this program.

GreenNess does not store any copies of the Contract.



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