An environmental need

GreenNess's project is the result of the need to protect the environment and make the world a better place for everyone.

Work, family, commitments and busy life do not allow us to always be attentive, as we would like, to issues related to environmental sustainability.

With GreenNess you can contribute to the wellbeing of the environment, it is an idea born to ensure that you can contribute to the environment with minimum effort and achieve great results for the planet.

GreenNess is a platform that allows you to make purchases online, chosen from your favorite brands. Whilst you shop online GreenNess gives you the opportunity to generate a commitment to offset some CO2 for every single purchase you make. - Without increasing cost at your expense! For every purchase made, GreenNess receives a percentage commission which, in part, is used to offset CO2.

Through the offsetting mechanism, not only will 1 kg less CO2 be released into the atmosphere for every euro earned, but a sustainable project implemented in a developing country will also be financed.

Your purchase choice will therefore have been a sustainable purchase choice.
Through GreenNess you can transform your purchasing choices into sustainable purchasing choices, thus participating in the reduction of the environmental impact on a global level.

What is offsetting?

Offsetting is a simple tool to protect the environment.

The aim is to store CO2 or avoid production, for an amount corresponding to a physical activity or part of it.

How does GreenNess offsets?

GreenNess has chosen to offset by investing in projects that aim to develop renewable energy sources and contain energy demand.

This, in fact, is a process considered to be consistent with environmental mechanisms: in this way we want to avoid, at source, the production of a defined quantity of CO2 instead of trying to absorb a theoretical amount of carbon dioxide already emitted into the atmosphere.

Offsetting takes place by purchasing and withdrawing Voluntary Reduction of Emissions certificates (VER). The purchase of these certificates is intended to finance projects for the development of renewable sources in developing countries. In this way, the corresponding quantities of CO2 purchased that would otherwise be emitted through the production of energy from fossil fuels can be avoided.

Which projects finance GreenNess?

To guarantee the highest quality of certificates, we can apply different standards. Currently, the best known for the implementation of the VER projects is The Gold Standard®, launched by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and other international NGOs in 2003, on whose register the credits purchased by GreenNess are withdrawn.

How can I verify that you really offset?

GreenNess operates with the greatest possible transparency. Every six months a report is produced, a summary of the previous six months, which summarizes the offsetting activities carried out in relation to the various projects financed.

This report is made available to everyone on the platform HomePage with the possibility of downloading. In addition, news is sent to each update via a newsletter.

Upon request, GreenNess is able to provide a link with all the instructions necessary to verify the veracity of the implementation of all the offsetting activities reported on the semi-annual report.



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